What if you could turn a high school project into a business?

Fun-loving. Versatile. Classic. Lindsay Phillips is an innovative line of functional-meets-flirty footwear and accessories. A single pair of Lindsay Phillips shoes makes unlimited fashion statements with onlyLindsay: Interchangeable Snap Shoes a change of a strap or snap – the perfect way for shoe lovers to transform their look with just the flick of a wrist!

It all started with a simple idea to make flip flop straps interchangeable, matching any outfit or occasion in colorful style. After SwitchFlops creator Lindsay Phillips first came up with her revolutionary business idea in a high school ceramics class, she patented her award-winning idea and introduced the SwitchFlop in 2007 at the Florida Surf Expo. Her one-of-a-kind Switchflops were an instant hit, selling out across the country. Since then, Lindsay has built the business from one funky SwitchFlop into adorably chic shoes and accessories, all infused with her unique Floridian flair.

Today, the company mantra “Change your look, not your sole” continues as each season, Lindsay Phillips features a wide variety of shoes ranging from casual flip flops to head-turning heels. Each pair comes with a signature snap or strap and the promise of unlimited possibilities. With the fun-spirited, brightly-colored interchangeable straps and snaps, Fashonistas can makeover their shoes in a “snap”. Lindsay Phillips products offer a variety of vibrant, eye-catching patterns, sassy embellishments, and trendsetting styles that appeal to women of all ages.

Modern, dynamic, and stylish women from all over the world are attracted to the fun, colorful lifestyle of the Lindsay Phillips brand. These women love the convenience of packing their suitcases with a single pair of shoes that can quickly take on multiple personalities. They adore the uniquely easy and economical way to transform one pair of shoes from beach casual to boardroom formal. Lindsay’s simple but brilliant innovation continues to expand, capturing the “soles” of millions of women each season.